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The naturalistic context
Il Casato lies in an open valley which still keeps the original natural aspect of the past, thanks to the birth of the natural preserve “Lucciolabella”. Thus, you can still walk among the moonlike landscape of the chalky hills that was left and not modified.
Among these hills one can find herbs like wormwood and wild mint, the flocal sheeps’ favourite food. The result is the delicious “Cacio di Pienza”, the pecorino cheese.
These hills have been reminded by many great travellers of the past, such as Michel de Montaigne and Charles Dickens, who were particularly attracted by their sharpness and dramatic aspect.
The Etruscans
The Etruscans’ territory occupied the very heart of Italy: its boundaries were marked by the Apennines to the north and by the river Tiber to the south, and this land still bears many significant traces of this powerful civilization. The echoes of the Etruscan culture can still be heard today, also thanks to the importance which this population gave to the afterlife. Through the Etruscans’ sepulchral monuments we have learnt about many significant aspects of their religion, tradition and economy. Moreover, these monuments express the great love which the Etruscans felt for music, dance, art and culture.
Near Il Casato, there’s an interesting archaeological site with a “clover” tomb. This burial mound is so called because its entrance is surrounded by three tombs containing several objects (including weapons , jewels, vases and other common tools) that were placed there to accompany the dead in their afterlife journey.
These objects constitute nowadays important remains of the Etruscan civilisation, and are exhibited in two important local museums, one in Chiusi and one in Chianciano.

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