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The olive tree is not just a typical element of the Tuscan landscape, but also plays an important role in the culture, tradition and economy of this region. Its fruits hold a real treasure: olive oil, the king of Tuscan cuisine. It is a sort of "liquid gold" which people pour in fine trickles over hot garlic bread, steaming soups and genuine fresh salads, and it is the magic ingredient of the local crunchy fried foods. Olive trees are among the longest-living trees, and they always look the same to our loving eyes.
The trunk is solid, with long ribs running all over the bark from the stump, which is an important part of the plant, as it can give birth to a new tree if the existing one is killed by an icy winter. The foliage is broad and rich, and gently sways in the light wind blowing on the hills of Tuscany. We can say that this tree has nowadays gained a strategic importance, and this is why you see it growing in the vast groves on the flat areas but also on the hillsides.

The Gonzi family has a real passion for olive oil, and indeed they own a superb traditional oil mill with typical millstones and an old press with fiscoli (pressing mats) which is used only to press olives from the farm's own production. Olive pressing is like a family ceremony that nobody wants to miss, a good opportunity to gather with relatives and friends and taste together the precious gift of olives.

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